Writing Letters with Sensory Snow

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Letter formation is a skill that needs a lot of practice. Sometimes, holding a pencil to paper is not always the best way to go.  There are many fun ways to teach writing letters!  Just have fun with it!

Letter Writing in the Snow - Mrs. Jones' Creation Station

We recently made snow using our Insta-snow kit.  I didn’t want to throw it out.  It had a lot of life left to it, so we repurposed the fluffy stuff for a fun handwriting activity by writing letters in the snow.  Because if you’re from Texas, you know that snow isn’t something we can go outside and get anytime during the winter months.  

 I grabbed an old Melissa and Doug box, placed our alphabet cards and poured some snow into the large section of the box.  Now, it was time to practice writing our letters.  You can have your learners write their numbers, shapes, sight words or only capital or lowercase at a time, too.  There are so many skills your learners can practice with this one activity.

But before we practiced our writing letter skills, I let my little ones play with the snow.  That few minutes gave them time explore, feel and get their wiggles out.  That way when it was time for letter practice, they spent that time practicing and not playing. 

This snow can last a long time, and can provide you with hours of writing practice! To keep the snow from evaporating, I placed the snow in a baggie when it was not being used.  This kept it ready for more sensory handwriting practice when we needed it.

Letter Writing in the Snow - Mrs. Jones' Creation Station

Letter Writing in the Snow - Mrs. Jones' Creation Station


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