Literacy Rotation System

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Planning and organizing literacy stations can be tough!  On top of everything else you have to do, sometimes just asking your students to read while you meet with small groups is easier.  But is that the best use of all your time?  I’ve perfected my stations with this literacy rotation system.  It’s easy to follow and you’ll have a classroom full of students who work quietly and diligently.

Group Your Students

The first thing you need to do is figure out where your students are academically.  Once you have your students in groups, it’s time to add all the data to the literacy rotation system.

What makes this system so great is that it’s done for you AND it’s editable!  

Guided Groups and Book Club

Each color has room for four students.  That is the group for guided groups (GG) and book club (BC). 

Literacy Stations

Each student is assigned a partner for station work, but not from their reading group.

For example:

-RY1 is one student from the red group and one student from the yellow group.

-TO1 is one student from the teal group and one student from the orange group.

The best part about this system is that all you have to change are  the students’ names in each group when they change levels.

Literacy Station Binder

Once you have your students grouped and paired, it’s time to set up our literacy station binder!  I use adhesive pockets on the front of the binders to hold each student’s schedule card.  Rotation charts are included in my literacy rotation system to be used all year.  Schedule cards are the only thing that changes in this pocket.

Binders are taken to each station and can hold unfinished work, notes or anything else that will  help them complete an assignment successfully.

My Literacy Station System comes with everything you need to schedule your small groups easily!  It includes:

*Editable Schedule Cards

*Literacy Station Labels

*Editable Rotation Chart card (for the binder or folder)

You can grab this resource in my store by clicking the link below!

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