Micah Shares the Good News

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The Bible contains so many great stories!  I enjoy creating fun activities and teaching my little learners of the good news God wants us to know about! 

Micah Sharing the Good News-Free bible activity- Mrs. Jones Creation Station

Have you ever pulled up a bible lesson and realized that the assigned activity just wasn’t relevant enough for your preschoolers?  A friend of mine has the exciting task of reviewing each bible lesson and activity for our preschool classes.  When she came to me in desperation about the lesson of Micah, I was so glad to help.

We’ve had multiple conversations about bible lesson crafts.  We sometimes get into the hype of cutesy, artistic crafts for bible lessons, but do they really serve a purpose?  I mean, most of the time, the teachers end up doing the craft for the kids.  We talked about the fact that bible lesson activities need to be more centered around the relevancy of the lesson, no matter how simple it is.  And simple is great, right?

Micah Shares the Good News About Jesus- a Good News bible activity- Mrs. Jones Creation Station

Micah Shares the Good News

When I sat down to plan the activity for the lesson on Micah, I knew I wanted it to be simple.  Micah is a prophet that shares the good news that ruler (Jesus) will be born in the future.  He shared this good news so that the people would be prepared.  But to teach a lesson about a prophet to a group of four year olds is rather tough.  So, I made sure to touch on the story briefly, but I wanted our lesson to be more focused on what good news means.

Micah Shares the Good News About Jesus- a Good News bible activity- Mrs. Jones Creation Station

We spent lots of time discussing the meaning of “good news”.  We each shared a good news story that happened to us this week.  I loved hearing what they all had to say!

We ended our lesson with this FREE Good News card and decided to pass the card on to someone who was special to us.  You can grab this card for FREE by clicking the link below!

Micah Shares the Good News About Jesus- a Good News bible activity- Mrs. Jones Creation Station

There are two ways to use this card!  For your older students, they can write share their own good news story from the Bible, or you can use the Baby Jesus as the inside of the card.  Just print front and back!

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