Moses Bible Crafts for Little Learners

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I love teaching bible lessons, whether at home or at church. The stories of Moses are some of my favorite because he teaches our little ones so many great things. I have to say, the Moses bible crafts are so enjoyable for little learners, and they are great reminders of the stories at home.

Engage your little learners with these crafts on the stories of Moses.  Each craft is kid friendly, easy to put together and is a great reminder when taken home and displayed.  A great way to teach our little ones what God and Moses teaches us.

Baby Moses

Moses teaches us so many things. He teaches our little ones bravery, perseverance and patience. However, we start at the very beginning when Moses is a baby. The story of Baby Moses is a popular one. A baby’s life saved by his mom. Who would place their baby in a basket and send it down a river?! God was watching over that baby because He knew Moses would do great things.

This craft takes very little prep! A bucket of water, small plastic cups, brown paint or brown duct tape and the baby Moses printable.

Your learners can transform the plastic cup into a basket using duct tape or paint. Next, place Moses in the cup and watch him float in the bucket of water.

The Burning Bush

This is another very popular story! This is the first time God appears to Moses. Of course, Moses is scared and doubts himself when God gives him specific tasks. What a great story to teach our little ones about self doubt. This craft is my favorite. And you can grab it FREE at the end of this post!

To complete this craft, you need a plastic cup from last week’s lesson, tissue paper (yellow, red and orange), Modge Podge, the free leaf printable with the Bible verse included and a battery powered tea light. This craft is perfect to place in a little one’s room as a reminder that God is always with us and never doubt ourselves. And it makes for a good night light too!

Out of Egypt

This is where Moses is really put to the test! Pharaoh ordered Moses to get the Israelites out of Egypt, which is a big job. This is the story of when God parts the Red Sea. This craft includes 2 printables! First, have your little learners color the Israelites crossing the Red Sea. next, print the bible verse page on blue paper. Then, cut the blue paper down the middle and on the dotted lines. Use a pencil to curl the strips to make it look like waves!

Journey in the Desert

This last craft wraps up the Moses Bible crafts. Moses and the Israelites spend a lot of time in the desert. God also appears to Moses to discuss the Ten Commandments. This craft takes your learners on the journey through the desert using the camera craft. If they had cameras back then, what would the pictures look like? This craft does just that along with tracing skills of key words in the story!

These crafts, along with detailed lessons and other activities are included in the Stories of Moses resource pack (just click the image!)! Get it below, along with the Burning Bush craft!


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