A Mother’s Day Gift

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Moms don’t need a lavish gift.  They just need some time off from their hectic schedule.  Help your students create a Mother’s Day gift that they can personalize for their mom with a coupon flower.
First, ask your students to brainstorm things they see their mom doing around the house.  I know chores are big for me, and to have some time away from dishes would be fantastic.  Have the students use the flower petals to create coupons by writing and drawing ideas to help their mom, such as, help cook dinner, fold the laundry, breakfast in bed, etc. This is a great way to help students show their mom or grandmother how much they appreciate them!
I suggest to my students to color each pedal their mom’s favorite color.  This makes it even more special!
 Glue the petals onto the flower and then glue onto the stem. Tape a pipe cleaner to the back of the stem to make it sturdier.
I know Moms will be so excited to receive this gift.  It’s always means more when we know that our children took the time out to make our gift rather then buying something.
Get your copy of the Mother’s Day Coupon Flower by clicking the link below!

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