Native American Picture Books to Add to Your Library

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One of my favorite units to teach is my Native American thematic unit.  I’ve been lucky to have  students of American Indian heritage in my classes and it’s so fun to watch them listen to books about their heritage. It’s even better when they make personal connections to the books and share with the class.  These are some of my favorite Native American picture books that I like to have in my classroom and to share during the month of November (or really..any time of the year!)

Fry Bread: A Native American Family Story

A great book that teaches about Native American food tradition!   This book is written in verse while teaching the reader about the steps to making this yummy bread!

Powwow Day

Powww Day is a special tradition in the Native American culture! A great read for your class to learn about what it’s all about, while learning about a little girl who is unable to participate and her community coming together to help her feel included!

How the Stars Fell into the Sky

A great Native American folktale retold! The main character works hard to write the laws of the land using the stars in sky, however, the trickster (coyote) tries to get in the way!

Native American Stories for Kids

This book is a great compilation of Native American stories for kids!  Twelve traditional stories are great for a short reading time or to learn more about Native American traditions.

Finding My Dance

Ria Thundercloud writes about her true story of her path to dance and how it helped her appreciate her Native American heritage!  A great example of how authors use their own life for writing inspiration!

The First Strawberries

This book is a retelling of a Cherokee legend on how strawberries came to be!  This is a wonderful book to use to describe different types of literature such as legends and fables.


A wonderful book that illustrates the fulfillment of intergenerational friendships, art making and the changes that seasons and moons bring.

Add these Native American picture books to your library today! They are perfect for all year round or to use in your unit on Native Americans!

One of my favorite units to teach during the late fall is my Native American unit! It’s full of real facts on Native Americans along with crafts and activities that tell stories of the Native American heritage!

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