Nativity Books for Little Learners

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Christmas is a beautiful time of year. We love all trees, lights, gifts, cookies, time with family. But most importantly, a time to remember the birth of Jesus Christ.  We read SO MANY great books during the holiday. But, what nativity books do you have to celebrate the true reason for the season?

Nativity Books for Little Learners

Here are a 16 of our favorite nativity books that tell about the birth of Jesus in many different ways.  From mice learning of Jesus’ birth to animals in the manger witnessing the miraculous event, there is bound to be a book your little ones will love.

The Christmas in the Manger

The Christmas in the Manger is a perfect little beginner book for your little one.  This board book has great colorful pictures that tell the story of our Savior being born!

The Little Drummer Boy

The Little Drummer Boy shows the story of humility and love when a poor little boy wants to shower Baby Jesus with a gift.  Although he can’t afford a gift, he decides to play a beautiful song for the baby.  This story is a wonderful way to show our children love and compassion!

Itsy Bitsy Christmas

Itsy Bitsy Christmas is about 2 mice- Itsy and Bitsy- that find out the arrival of the new King!  They want more than anything to meet this King, so they head off to Bethlehem.  Along the way, they are told they are not important enough.  They are too small to meet the new Baby King.  But they find out something wonderful when they arrive.

The Story of Christmas

The Story of Christmas is the perfect book for toddlers to learn the true story of Christmas.  With the vivid pictures, easy to read words, it will make learning this story easy for any age!

Mortimer’s Christmas Manger

Mortimer’s Christmas Manger is a must for your Christmas themed library.  It’s a cute story that teaches us that when we are in need of something, we pray about it.  Mortimer needs a new home and when he finds that the manger in the Nativity scene belongs to Baby Jesus, he prays for a new home.  Find out what Mortimer receives in this very cute book!

One Shining Star: A Christmas Counting Book

One Shining Star: A Christmas Counting Book will not only help your little one count to ten, but they will also learn the story of Jesus at the same time!

The Birds of Bethlehem

The Birds of Bethlehem is told from a unique point of view: a bird!  When they find out that a special baby has been born, they head off on an adventure to find the manger.  A great story told in a fun way!

Santa’s Favorite Story

Santa’s Favorite Story is a different story than most Christmas stories.  Santa becomes sad because of all the heavy lifting of gifts he has to deliver. When he tells the forest animals this, they become worried that Christmas will no longer come.  But then Santa surprises them with a story of the first Christmas, and that makes them feel better.  

The Christmas Baby

The Christmas Baby is a retelling of the wonderful story of the birth of Jesus.  Beautiful illustrations do a wonderful job of telling this remarkable story!

Room for a Little One

A book of repetition, Room for a Little One tells the story of a friendly ox who invites others in to see the new baby.  Wonderful pictures and easy to read words is perfect for any child!

Song of the Stars

Creation is celebrating in Song of the Stars!  Everything in nature is singing praises for the birth of baby Jesus!

Who is Coming to Our House?

Just like we clean up for our guest, animals in the stable clean up for Baby Jesus in Who Is Coming to Our House. Find out how each animal played a part in preparing for the special guest.

The Friendly Beasts

An Old Christmas Carol, The Friendly Beasts tells the story from the animals point of view as they explain the type of gift they gave Baby Jesus. 

God Gave Us Christmas

God Gave Us Christmas is a beautiful story of a little curious bear who wants to know more about Christmas. His momma does a great job explaining how God is more important than Santa.

A Birthday Party for Jesus

A Birthday Party for Jesus is a great addition to this list! This book is a heartwarming reminder to children that Christmas isn’t about Santa or asking for presents; it’s about celebrating Jesus’s birthday. This inviting, full-color, illustrated picture book tells a story of forest animals preparing for a big and exciting event.

Jesus Calling: The Story of Christmas

Jesus Calling: The Story of Christmas uniquely teaches the Christmas story to your children by starting at creation and sharing that Jesus has always been present and that God has always had a plan for Christmas. Bible verses and Jesus Calling devotions are on every spread of this beautifully illustrated book with foil and glitter on the cover.

I hope that you are able to find a couple of books to read with your family this holiday.  Be sure to check out your local library or just click on the book link above to add these new books to your collection.

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