Nativity Craft – Baby Jesus Ornament

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The holidays are such a magical time for little ones.  Finding time to remind them why we celebrate can be hard with the busyness that December brings.  This nativity craft and lesson is a perfect way to share the story of the birth of Jesus.

Nativity Interactive Craft- Mrs. Jones Creation Station.

Whether you are trying to find a Bible lesson for class or want an activity to do with your family this lesson is perfect.  The Birth of Jesus lesson includes songs, story manipulatives, and a craft that double as an ornament

Nativity Craft

First, gather the materials needed and cut out the pictures on the printable.  Next, color the pictures…add glitter to the star for a little extra sparkle! 

Fold the top section of the envelope in half and cut the dotted lines.

Fold in the 3 triangles toward the center of the envelope. Glue the “Joy to the World” sign over the triangles to glue them together while creating a pocket for baby Jesus.

Glue the star onto the top of the craft.

Wrap the twine or yarn around your fingers to create a circle…please ignore my horrible fingernails.

Place baby Jesus inside the circle.  Let the little ones rock him to sleep then…

…place him inside the manager.  You can glue him inside the envelope or leave it as is, so it can be used to retell the story!

The great thing about this craft is that it can also be used as an ornament to help your little ones remember the Nativity story throughout the season!

You can get this craft and the lesson that goes with it in The Birth of Jesus  Bible lesson.  If you want to find more Christian resources be sure to check out my Bible Bundle!

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