Number Toss

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Life is finally getting back to normal after moving into our new home.  We still have a lot of work to do, but we have things unpacked to where we can find things.  Now, it’s time to get back to our old routine, and that means back to our learning games!  I’m so excited about this new Number Toss game I came up with.
Grayson is loving all the fun learning games we have been playing lately.  Now, that I have all my resources handy it is easier to think up a game, grab some materials and play together.
Grayson is a kinesthetic learner and enjoys all things related to sports.  So, I grabbed these discs that I bought at Target over the summer, taped on number cards for my Preschool: Getting Started Pack and, of course, a suction ball…it was an instant hit!
The great thing about this Number Toss game is that it can be used to teach or reinforce SO many concepts…letters, sight words, numbers, shapes, colors…the list goes on and on!
We tossed the ball until it landed on a disc.  Then, we either counted or said the number it landed on.   
The more we played this Number Toss game the better Grayson was able to identify the numbers without needing to count the pictures.
This is definitely a game we will be pulling out often!
Here are some of the items I bought to make this game a success!

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