Numbers to 20 Printables

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I don’t use worksheets a lot, but there are times when a worksheet is perfect for a skill or the way a child learns.  When it comes to math we do a lot of a hands-on learning activities and games.  But, my son loves completing these numbers to 20 printables.

Numbers to 20 Printables - MJCS

When I need to clean or do a quick chore around the house, my kiddos love to color or draw at the kitchen table.  I gave Grayson these printables one afternoon, and he wanted to do them for a whole week.

Numbers to 20 Printables - MJCS

I know he loves math. However, he has never really been a fan of coloring or writing.   I honestly thought he would scribble a bit and ask to play something else. Needless to say, I was quite surprised when he asked me to print more.

Numbers to 20 Printables - MJCS

These printables include a lot of information for each number.  The numeral, number word and counting hands allow learners to identify how they see the number represented.  Then, learners can use bingo daubers or color in circles on the ten-frame to represent the number on their own.

Numbers to 20 Printables - MJCS

Next, the learners are able to practice writing the numeral for each number and trace the number word.  After that, they can use the bingo dauber or crayon to find the number in the number hunt section.

Finally, they can use tally marks to group the number by 5’s. They draw any picture representing that number on the bottom section.

Numbers to 20 Printables - MJCS

These printables are great for morning work, a little extra practice or just for fun for your little mathematician.  You can grab them over on my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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