Ocean Literacy Cards

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The ocean is a great getaway for our family. We try to go to Florida every other year, and it’s something the kids look forward to every time we plan it. Living in Texas, and away from any beaches or oceans, we all get excited when we see a creature we don’t see on a daily basis. So, when we can’t take the kids to the beach, we bring the beach and ocean to them with this ocean literacy activity!

Editable Sight Word Cards

Resources are so much better when you can edit them to your standards. That’s why I make so many of mine like that. Differentiated instruction is found in every classroom and not all students learn at the same speed. There is tons of research out there that backs up differentiated instruction. And you’ll see the benefits in it throughout the year.

These sight cards are editable so you can use them year after year, even if you change grade levels. Use them as spelling practice for specific spelling patterns. I like to use them with sight words throughout the entire year.

Perfect for Literacy Centers

The ideas are limitless with these sight word cards. Put them in your literacy centers each week, using them differently to create some variety. Create a memory game where students have to match the same sight word or spelling word.

If your using them for a specific spelling patter, take the pattern out of the word and use them printable included as a quick assessment to see if they understand the pattern.

I like to use cards like these in a ‘walk the room’ style activity. It gets my learners up and moving, while reading sight words to their partners. After they read the word to their partner, they write the word on the printable under the correct number.

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