Penguin Sentence Matching

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Winter months are a favorite of mine as a teacher. My kids come back refreshed from a long break, they are eager to be back, and they always love the winter themes. But winter also means a time to see how my students have grown.  This is a time where sentence building happens!  And this sentence matching game is a great way to start the process.

Winter Penguin Themed Sentence Matching- Mrs. Jones Creation Station

Assessing My Writers

There are so many ways to assess your writers. I’m happy to announce that I will be sharing a six part series on the Writing Process. Starting next week, you will be able to see how I implement the writing process and writer’s workshop in my classroom. You’ll also get some great freebies to use in your classroom immediately!

Today, I want to share with you a sentence matching activity that you can use in multiple ways. Visualization is such a tough skill to grasp in reading and writing. This sentence matching activity is a great small group activity for your learners that need a little help with visualization. This will not only lead to better reading skills, but it will help your writers visualize what they are writing about.

Winter Penguin Sentence Matching- Mrs. Jones Creation Station

It’s a simple, but effective activity for young writers and readers. They simply match the picture with the sentence.

Each sentence starts with the same words, so your learners will get some practice with sight words as well!

After all the sentence and pictures have been matched, it time for your learners to practice writing a sentence. They can use the mentor sentence from the cards, or write their own. The assessment is if they draw a picture that represents their sentence.

Student Conferencing

This time of year, I introducing student conferencing. It takes patience and time to model and set expectations for this, but the students really do love it.

This sentence matching activity is also perfect for student conferencing. After they practice writing and drawing pictures, some students might be ready to take it one step further. I encourage my students that are ready to use what they learned from the sentence matching activity and apply it to their own writing. A partner reads a sentence or two from their story. The other partner draws a picture of what they see. They are able to bring their drawings to me and that sets up a new conferencing topic for those students.

You can grab this Penguin Sentence Matching Activity for free by clicking on the download box below!

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