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One of my favorite types of resources to create are bible lessons and activities. Having children of my own made me realize how important it is to connect real life with stories of the bible. Not only do we read bible stories, but I also like to incorporate picture books for my bible lessons.

My Favorite Bible for Kids

My favorite children’s bible is The Beginner’s Bible. They are short stories that keep the story simple, but still give enough details to teach the story! I used this bible for my popular Bible Bundle.

Picture Books for Old Testament Stories

I’m the Best by Lucy Cousins- use this book with the story of the Tower of Babel. Use this book to show your little learns how to be proud of what God blesses us with!

Love Is by Paola Escobar- use this book to help little ones how to show love to others like Rebekah did with Abraham’s servant and camels!

The Magical Yet by Angela DiTerlizzi- The ‘Yet’ is like the Spirit of God. When you have it inside, you have God’s power in you. This is perfect for Gideon’s Battle!

Be Strong by Pat Zietlow Miller- this book does a great job of showing little ones about strength. The story of Samson goes well with this book!

Where is Wisdom by Scott James- This book shares great wonders in our world–God’s wondrous world! Have your little learners share wonders of our world that amaze them during the story of Solomon!

God Made Me Picture Books

Not only do we need to teach our little learners the popular bible stories, we also need to teach them about why God made us, how we need to treat others and share God with others! These are more great picture books for bible lessons.

That’s What a Friend Is by P.K. Hallinan- a great book to show our little one what a good friend looks like. I use this book with my Golden Rule activity in the God Made Me bundle!

When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner- help your little ones understand how God made each one of us unique in a special way! This goes perfect with my I am Special bible activity.

God Gave Us Family by Lisa Tawn Bergren- teach your little ones about different types of families that God gives us!

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