Picture Books for Writing Conventions

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Writing conventions are challenging to teach at times. I know in my experiences, it’s hard to bring authentic lessons and activities to keep learners engaged. Because who really wants to look at sentences and break them apart? However, my style of teaching changed when I found these picture books for writing conventions! My students beg for them every year!

I absolutely LOVE the “If you were a…” series. The writers of this series do an amazing job taking not so fun topics to teach into lessons that students want more of!

Here are seven picture books on writing conventions that you need in your library!!

If You Were a Prefix

We see them in words every day, but what is so special about a prefix?? Your learners will see just how important prefixes are to learn the meaning of words!

If You Were a Suffix

Suffixes tell readers a lot about how or when characters do an action. This book is perfect to teach the importance of why we add suffixes to our words!

If You Were a Synonym

A big part of teaching writing is to show our writers how to use stronger words. This book is a great way to teach writers age appropriate synonyms to use in their writing!

If You Were an Antonym

Find creative ways to model how to use antonyms in writing this book!

If You Were a Compound Word

You’re thinking…what’s the big deal in compound words? Well, compound words give us a better picture of objects or people we are writing about! A house can be a doghouse or a boathouse!

These next books are perfect to use to help writers improve their quality of stories! Check these out!

If You Were a Conjunction

This book teaches ALL about conjunctions and why we should include compound sentences into our writing. Who wants to read like a robot anyway??

If You Were a Preposition

Yes! Prepositions are so important in writing. It tells us all about direction of an object or our character. It all comes back to painting a better picture in our readers’ minds!

Grab these books for your next writing units! Your students will laugh, learn and beg for more books like these!!

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