Positional Words in Your Math Classroom

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One of my favorite math units to teach is my positional words unit. It’s not your traditional math unit, but a unit where students are up and moving around. However, I still integrate my math block into this lesson and it works great!

Create a Math Block

I can’t say this enough. An effective math block will help you tremendously! It creates routine and structure that you need to make sure everyone is on task. This is what I include in my math block:

  • Engaging Mini Lessons
  • Math centers
  • Independent practice
  • visuals throughout the classroom


Engaging Mini Lessons

Get your kids ready to get up and move around! The best way to teach learners about positional words is to actually act them out.

Use A Good Book

As part of a mini lesson, books are a great addition to any lesson you’re teaching. Here are some simple books that will help with your mini lesson.

Math Centers

The best way to get your kids hands on into a unit is by using math centers. Pair your learners in creative ways to practice what they learned in mini lessons and small group lessons. The math centers included in this unit require lots of movement and partner work!

Independent Practice

Independent practice usually happens after lots of practice with math centers, mini lessons and small group instructions. It’s the time where they are ready to show you what they learned. You can include a hands on activity with the practice, like below. Then, include a printable for a quick assessment.


Visuals Around the Room

Have I mentioned how much free space I have on my walls at the beginning of the year? I like to keep a lot of space open for visuals that help my learners remember what we’re learning about. If you have the space to keep it up all year, I highly encourage it. But, with preschool and kindergarten classrooms it’s really difficult. They can be handmade anchor charts or resources from your favorite unit. Find a way to integrate the visuals in your lessons and activities.

It’s Freebie Time!

Want to test this out before buying? Grab this positional activity that can be used in small groups or in math centers. It’s free and can be yours by clicking the link below!

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