Ruth’s Story

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I absolutely love teaching bible class.  I took a break for a while due to a crazy schedule, but I’m glad to say that I’m back in it this quarter.  Teaching bible class to little ones is a weekly reminder of how much I love teaching. I’m so glad to be a part of sharing God’s Word with them.  Each week, I find myself adding to the curriculum our ministry put together, and I’m happy that I get to share these creations with you!  Ruth’s Story is one of my favorites. This bible lesson kept our little ones engaged the entire time.
I like to bring my elementary classroom style of teaching to my bible class, and the kids really love it.  I always start off with a lesson. Next, we move to stations or a whole group craft and game.  With this lesson, we did the craft and a fun game.


For the first 10-15 minutes of class the children come in and play with toys that are laid out on the table. It is a great time to reinforence how God wants us to treat our friends. It also gives me time to talk to the little ones about their day, welcome visitors and finish up prepping any materials.


We then meet on the carpet to discuss why we come to Bible class. Next, we sing and talk about our bibles.  We open our class with a prayer…I model a prayer and we will do a Circle Prayer together for all the following weeks. Then, I read the story of Ruth in The Beginner’s Bible.  We discuss and ask questions during and after reading the story.


The children go to a table to color the printable while I walk around singing “The Story of Ruth” that was on the page…they were singing along in no time.  As they finish coloring, we talk about the grain that Ruth gleaned and the children glue on some “grain” or oatmeal to their page.


We play the game of Harvesters and Gleaners!  I place the large and small pieces of grain on the ground.  The children are grouped into harvesters and gleaners.  They work to harvest or glean while I sing “The Story of Ruth” song and they had to freeze when I stopped.  We play this for a little while and they all love it!


I review how Ruth worked hard to please God and he gave her many blessings.  Then, for the last 5 minutes some of the children continue= to play the game while others participate in free play…an hour is a long time for 3 year olds, so they earned it!
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