September Literacy and Math Centers

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Being a teacher keeps you busy! With all the different activities you have to plan, you spend every minute you have planning your lessons. Have you ever forgotten one part of your lesson plan after it was too late? For me, it was always my math and literacy centers. But I got smart! My September Math and Literacy centers have always saved me for when life was so busy during those first few weeks of school!

Use It Year After Year!

How easy would life be if you didn’t have to prep one part of your lesson plan? It would feel pretty good, right? With my literacy and math centers, you don’t have to do anything! Each resource includes six literacy and six math centers, and fit many themes throughout the year.

Once you purchase, print, cut and laminate, you can use these centers year after year. One less thing to worry about, right?! How great will it be to say “I have my September centers already planned and. organized” before the school year even starts?

September Literacy and Math Centers

September means fall is approaching. Most kindergarten classes hold thematic units throughout the year, so September is usually all about back to school, apples and farm animals!

Take a look at what’s included!

I love these interactive readers. Not only is there an apple interactive reader, but a Back to School and farm themed as well!

These syllable cards are great for your more advanced learners in Kindergarten! Keep some clothes pins handy, and you have yourself a syllable center for those that have already mastered this skill.

Fill the apple basket with this letter match activity! Use apple shaped erasers, apple shape manipulatives or these colored puffs (you can even just color in each apple!) to match the upper case letter to the lower case letter.

Grab those clothes pin for another matching activity. Your learner will identify the shape that is in each picture. This is a great way to introduce 3D shapes!

This activity is great to see where your students are in their number identification skills. Each card has a missing number. Your learner will place the correct number in the missing box.

This is just a snippet of what you will get in my September Literacy and Math Centers! Take a look at the video below to see even more!

Listen to some of our teachers that use this resource in their classroom!

“LOVE these! My kiddos really enjoy doing them and it’s such a fun theme for September!!”– Kelsey Y.

“These centers are my favorite to use, they are so nicely created! The recording sheets are awesome. It makes learning so fun! Thank you.-Karen M.

“Though this is more for Kindergarten than for Pre-K, it is a wonderful resource! I will still use it. It still deserves top marks! Thank you! GREAT activities for Kindergarten!! (Wishing I taught Kindy!) Thank you!”-Shannon C.

You can grab these literacy and math resources by clicking the button below!

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