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Read alouds are important for all levels of readers. It’s a great way to read books that are on grade level with teacher assistance. I have a great list of chapter books for second grade read aloud!

Read alouds have numerous benefits for students and are an essential component of a comprehensive literacy program. Here are some reasons why read alouds are so valuable:

  • They help build vocabulary: When we expose students to new words and concepts through read alouds, it expands their vocabulary and improve their understanding of language.
  • They improve comprehension: By listening to a skilled reader, students can learn important reading strategies such as making predictions or connections to their own experiences. This can help them better understand and remember what they are reading.
  • They promote a love of reading: Read alouds can be a fun and engaging way to introduce students to new books and authors, and can help foster a lifelong love of reading.
  • They provide a shared experience: Read alouds can be a great way to build classroom community and encourage discussion and collaboration among students.

Here are some of my favorite second grade chapter books!

Wish by Barbara O’Connor

You got me with any book that includes a girl and a dog. Charlie finds herself moving to an unfamiliar place and starts to wonder if her wish will ever come true. She comes across Wishbone, a stray dog that she immediately falls in love with as well as a new friend. She realizes that her wish wasn’t something she needed after all!

Keena Ford and Second Grade Mix Up by Melissa Thomson

What would you do if your teacher brought you a cake thinking it was your birthday when it really isn’t? Tell the truth and not get a single slice or wait til you eat it all? That’s Keena’s big problem of second grade! Find out what she does to get herself out of this mess!

The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

This book tugged at my heartstrings BIG time! Ivan is the local mall’s main attraction. He sits behind a clear glass and occupies himself with this television and his friends Bob and Stella. When the mall gets a new elephant, Ruby, Ivan quickly learns more about living in the wild and wonders if he will ever get to experience it.

The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling

What would you do if everything you touched turned to chocolate? Cool right? Based on the story of King Midas and the Golden Touch, John Midas loves chocolate. And when everything he puts his mouth to turns to chocolate, he thinks he’s in heaven! But will he get tired of it and never want to eat chocolate again?

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume

Peter has a little brother. An annoying little brother at that! He goes by Fudge and he can do no wrong, and Peter is about to lose his mind! Fudge is always up to something and Peter can’t believe he gets away with it! Any student with a little sibling can make instant connections with this book!

Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate

Jackson and his family have fallen on hard times. There’s no more money for rent. And not much for food, either. His parents, his little sister, and their dog may have to live in their minivan. Again. Crenshaw is a cat. He’s large, he’s outspoken, and he’s imaginary. He has come back into Jackson’s life to help him. But is an imaginary friend enough to save this family from losing everything?

So the next time you’re thinking about incorporating read alouds into your classroom routine, remember that it’s not just a way to pass the time – it’s a valuable tool for promoting literacy and building a love of reading in your students.

FREE Comprehension Cards

I love using these comprehension cards during our read aloud times! They pair well with chapter books for second grade and above! It’s a great way to pause, ask meaningful and higher level questions and have students share their thoughts with each other. You can grab these FREE by clicking the link below!

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