Sorting by Attributes Books and Games

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As a preschool, pre-k and kindergarten teacher, it’s so important to have the right tools for teaching beginning math concepts. Sorting by attributes is a huge skill in the early years of math. Hands on activities and books are great supplemental items to have in your classroom. Here are some of my favorite sorting by attributes books and games for your classroom!

Sorting Picture Books

Check out some of my favorite color sorting books for preschool and pre-k classrooms!

All the Colors-Lift a Flap Book for Preschool

A fun, hands on book that teaches our little learners all about colors around them! The flaps on each page make this book engaging and fun while showing off the many colors of our world.

Colors by John Reiss

This book has bright pops of color on each page all while showing little learners all the different colors in our world.

Crayola® Sorting Book by Jodie Shepherd

This book covers all the types of attributes we can sort! A great introduction book to your sorting by attributes unit.

Sam Sorts by Marthe Jocelyn

This book is so relatable to all kids! Sam has a huge mess in his room that he has to clean up! Find out how Sam sorts his toys so he can tidy up!

Different? Same! by Heather Tekavec

I love how this books shows little learners all the different ways we can sort animals at the zoo! Sort them by color or size…or by stripes or by tails!

Sort it Out by Barbara Mariconda

Packy the Packrate has way too much stuff! He has to sort it all out which leads to sorting by attributes and characteristics!

A Pair of Socks by Stuart Murphy

Every time I read this book to my class, almost all of my students laugh and say “We have this problem in my house!” You know what this book is about just by the cover!

Sorting at the Market by Tracey Steffora

What would the grocery store look like if items weren’t sorted together? It would be chaos! This book is a great real life example of how important sorting is!

Three Little Firefighters by Stuart Murphy

A fun, fiction book on sorting! Help these firefighters find their buttons before the parade begins!

Sorting by Attributes Games

Along with books, hands on activities are perfect supplements to your classroom or homeschool learning space. Visual learning is the best way to introduce math concepts to little learners!

Montessori Sorting Box

Wooden Bead Board Sorting Activity

Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Set

These supplemental resources are perfect to use when practicing sorting skills! Use them year after year for great hands on activities!

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