Spider Craft for Pronouns and Antecedents

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We’ve been working really hard getting to know our pronouns in second grade! Pronouns aren’t new to my students. They learned about them in first grade. However, in second grade, we expand on them even more! We had so much fun learning about pronouns that we created this fun spider craft for pronouns and antecedents.

Antecedents don’t particularly need to be introduced, but I decided that my class was ready to learn this very grown up word! As we dive more into writing, I’m introducing ways that we can plug our pronouns in so we aren’t constantly repeating the same name. If you’ve taught writing, you understand!

My students are expected to edit their writing and include subjective, objective, and possessive pronouns throughout their writing. How do you teach your students to remember what a pronoun is? Tell them that when “nouns go pro, pronouns take their place”! It’s a fun way to help them remember.

Pronoun Spiders

These spiders are a great way to decorate your room or hallway for Halloween! Each leg of the spider contains a sentence with nouns and the pronoun it refers to. As we completed this activity, we discussed what pronouns fell under the categories of subjective, objective and possessive.

Once they got the hang of the three types of pronouns, I threw a big word at them! They had NO idea they were learning about antecedents. But before I even introduced that word to my students, I asked them what they noticed about the pronoun in the sentence. It didn’t take any time at all for them to tell me the job of that pronoun.

I have to say, what could have been a very boring lesson on pronouns and antecedents turned into one amazing activity! I even have some cute spiders in the hallway to show off!

You can grab this spider craft for your next lesson on pronouns and antecedents! Just click the download button below!

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