Spring Flowers Poem

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May is here and the spring weather is beautiful here in Texas!  We are spending all our time outside and soaking up all the sun after the weeks of rain we got.  The effects of the rain are definitely showing. Our flowers are beautiful and full of bright colors.  Of course, that leads to some great discussion about how flowers grow.

Spring flower poem on popsicle stick in mini flower pot

Watching Seeds turn to Flowers

Planting seeds is a great visual and hands on activity for little ones.  For example, they have the opportunity to explore the soil, observe the seeds, and see the end result.  And, you’ll notice how well your little one will take care of their flower.  They created this.  Of course, they want to see the beautiful flower that comes of it!

When you sit down with your little one to plant their special seed, walk through the steps with them.  For instance, let them describe the soil to you. How does it feel?  What color is it?  What is the job of the soil?  You might even go into a little detail of all the minerals that are in the soil.

Next, talk about the seed.  How big is it?  Why is it so small?  Where does the seed go?  Give your little one time to explore the seeds in the package.  (There must be adult supervision!  The seeds are very small!)

Of course, you need to talk about where the seed grows.  The pot!

This is another great time for your little one to describe the attributes of the pot. What color is it?  Is it big or little?  Why is there a hole at the bottom? (might be a good question for the older learners).

Make It an Experiment

Probably one of the best experiments you can do with plants is to see how the flower grows.  Place one flower pot in the sun and give it lots of water for several days.  Put another flower pot in the shade and only give it some water every few days.  Your learner will be so excited to see the end result.  This is also a great experiment to put in your science journal for older learners!

Give as a Gift

The end of the school year is coming up!  This beautiful flower would be a great gift to give to teachers. Let your little one decorate the flower pot with paints (acrylic).  Make sure to cover clothing!  It can stain!

I’ve created a fun poem to put in the flower pot!  You can get this free by clicking on the link below. Just glue it to a popsicle stick and you’re done!

Need more science activities?  I’ve got you covered!

A great addition to this activity is to add my Plants Lapbook to your list!  Your learner will discover so many new facts about flowers and they will begin to understand how they really grow!

My top seller, my States of Matter pack, has so many hands on activities that cover all the states of matter.  Your kids will love it!

Your learners will feel like a big time Meteorologist with my new Weather Unit!  It fits nicely into my weekly themed activities-or use it on your own time!


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