St. Patrick’s Initial Sounds Freebie

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We are continuing our St. Patrick’s Day themed activities, and we are having a blast!  Grayson is doing a great job with his letters and sounds. Inital sounds are in the plans this week! Along with our Sight Word Matching game, I created a quick activity to introduce initial sounds.  If you’re new to teaching initial sounds, I’ve got a great activity for you!
By starting with initial sounds, Grayson is able to associate that reading has to do with letter sounds.  Not only is this activity great for letter recognition review, but you can also review letter sounds as well.  Adding the picture to the letter sounds introduces our initial sounds.  Cutting and gluing are also big skills for Grayson’s age, so I’m glad he was able to practice those as well.
An extension of this activity would to find other items around the house that have the same initial sounds as the pictures on the page.  Grayson loved this part of the activity.  He worked for quite a while to find items in our house.  He was determined to search every room of our house.
For more St. Patrick’s Day resources check out my St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Pack!

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