Star Sight Words

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Sight words can create a love/hate relationship with teachers. You hear a room full of moans and groans when you hear those two words. Why? Because they have to be taught, and it can lead to some very boring activities. Unless, you get creative!

Make Sight Words Fun!

Sure, you can throw some flash cards at your students and force them to read them over and over again. But is that really affective? To ensure that your students are learning these words, make the activities fun and exciting!

You got a flashlight? Then all you need is this freebie and a flashlight. As a result, you’ve got yourself a game your students will want to play every day!

Close the blinds, turn the lights off and send your kids off on a word scavenger hunt! Before the students come in for the day, just place these words around the room. It’s a simple, but affective activity that will keep them engaged and wanting to learn more words.

They’re Editable??

You bet! You have a year’s worth of sight words to teach, and no one class is identical. Just edit the cards to what words you’re teaching and this activity can be played over and over again!

Maybe you homeschool and want to use these cards. You can use them too! I like to use these at night right before bed. It’s a great activity to help calm down my children while learning at the same time!

To grab my Star Sight Words just click the download button below!

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