Student Independence with Flexible Seating

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Can you agree with me when I say how different classrooms look these days? Classrooms are structured so differently! Boy, they sure have changed since I was in school! Flexible seating is one of many management systems that have made an appearance in many classrooms.

flexible seating chart with student clips on a chalk board

These days, it’s hard for children to sit still for very long. We live in a world where we are non-stop: sports, church, school, birthday parties. And our classrooms are evolving to mirror our ‘on the go’ society.

So, how do we ask our students to sit still when they are on the go outside of school? We don’t. We adjust our classroom as times change.

So, we make the changes fun and exciting for our students. Can you imagine how fun it would be for your students to walk in every day getting to choose where they sit? I guarantee you’ll see a huge change in your students! Just try it!

Flexible Seating Chart

You definitely can’t just implement flexible seating without a plan. Like every system and routine in a classroom, it takes a lot of thought and planning. This system can go south real quick if expectations aren’t explained!

My flexible seating chart is easy to use! The pictures make it easy for all types of students to use successfully.

The black dots are a way to show your students how many seats are available under each option. This will avoid any arguing!

You, as the teacher, can decide how often they change seats. It can be daily or weekly! You can even have the option to change a few times during the day. You know your students the best so it’s up to you how you want to organize this.

The chart includes the following seating options:

  • floor mat
  • lap desk
  • chair
  • crate
  • wobble chair

I think that clothes pins with students names work the best, but you do what works for you!

To get this FREE Flexible Seating chart, just click on the download box below!

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