Summer Incentive Charts

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Summer is here…the sun is shining, water is splashing, kids are laughing and screaming and running and hitting and crying and getting into everything and…when does school start???
I don’t know about you, but I do enjoy my kids being home for the summer.  But while they are home, things can get a little crazy. Enter Incentive Charts!  There are so many ways to use incentive charts for the summer while your kids are home.

Positive Ways to Use Incentive Charts

Summer Reading Program

I personally love using these incentive cards for our summer reading.  Like every kid, reading is not on the top of their list to do during their break.  But, you can make it fun and rewarding.  Before starting, we discuss rewards they want to earn when we fill our cards with stickers.  I like to set a specific number of minutes each day for reading.  After we complete those number of minutes, we add a sticker to our chart. Each summer, I make it a little more challenging by increasing the number of cards we have to fill out before getting our prize.  Because my little man is going into second grade (how is the possible!!??) he will need to fill two cards.

Chores Around the House

I do love my kids being at home during the summer. Maybe because I get a little help around the house??  Anyone with me on that?  Of course, I’m not that mom that sticks my kids with a mop, broom and bucket and tell them to get to work like in the movies.  But it is nice to get some help.  My kids love running the vacuum, dusting the shelves and even washing dishes in the sink.  So when they do those extra things for me, I like to add stickers to their chart.  And what comes with chores??  Money…that’s the reward they choose every time.  Completing their chore chart doesn’t help them earn money. Those are everyday responsibilities that just go with living in our home.  But I like to reward them for going the extra mile with other chores that aren’t on their chart.


Good Behavior

Now let’s be honest…your kids are not used to being around each other every minute of the day.  Unless you have toddler aged kids (and these will still come in handy…keep reading!). Structure from the classroom and the fun with friends is what they miss the most. So, being home all summer with less structure and more annoyance from younger siblings can make for quite a stressful time. This is a great time to use the incentive charts for good behavior.  If I use them, my kids have to fill a few charts before getting a reward. The reward is small.  Ice cream with mom, or stay up late to play football with dad.

These cards also work for little ones as well.  Toddler age is SO hard.  We are about to go through it for a third time really soon. They learn so much during this short time.  They get frustrated and don’t know how to express their frustration the right way.  These incentive charts are also great for that!  When your toddler uses polite words, or does something nice for someone, add a sticker!

When we began the sticker chart, Grayson chose a reward, he was able to chose from a small toy, outing as a family or he could barter to see what we were willing to offer.  Having a reward established and ready to go is so important!  He choose a Rescue Bots Book that he had been wanting for a little while…they are sitting next to his sticker chart ready for it to fill up!

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