Summer Thematic Unit for Little Learners

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Summer is here! It’s a time to relax, binge watch a favorite show and sleep in. My kids’ favorite time of year is summer, and we love not having any kind of schedule. However, I do like to include a little learning each week to keep their minds strong and healthy. Half the time, they don’t even make the connection that I’m throwing review activities their way because they love it so much. Whether you’re a stay at home mom or a summer school teacher, my summer thematic unit is full of fun summer activities that your little learners will love!

Whole Group Lessons

A good book goes a long way. When you read fun books, your little learner stays engaged a lot longer. I love starting my lessons with a good thematic picture book. With this unit, I’ll provide you a list of books you can purchase or check out from your local library. With each book comes a fun whole group activity.

Hands on Activities

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘summer’? You’re probably scrolling through all the words that represent summer in your mind. Two ideas come to mind for my kids: ice cream and bubbles. Find out what books go well with these hands on activities. Then spend some time making ice cream AND bubbles!

Summer Themed Activities

Writing is one skill that probably is not encouraged during the summer. I get it. We get busy, and we think “I’ll do it next week” and then it doesn’t happen. Your kids will love this writing assignment. What IF they swallowed a watermelon seed? Would it grow in their stomach? Will a watermelon grow? It’s a funny way to writing, and kids really do love it!

Math and Literacy Centers

Every thematic unit I create includes math and literacy centers. These are great activities for small group instruction or review. The math centers include:

  • Graphing Data
  • Addition Practice
  • Number Order

The literacy centers include:

  • Letter matching
  • Vowel sorting
  • Sight Word Write the Room

Don’t let this summer pass without these fun activities! You can find this unit in my store by clicking the box below!

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