Super Syllables Literacy Activity

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I think my favorite part of teaching kindergarten students is to watch them grow in their reading skills. Many come to you on the first day of school only learning to read their name, while others come in already reading books. But to see the growth that these students make in one year is astonishing! Breaking words down into syllables is something we do all year long, so it’s a given that I have syllable literacy activities all throughout the year.

Why Teach Syllables?

The first few weeks of school is spent introducing the letters of the alphabet and their sounds. Then, we move on to reading words as quick as we can. And in order to do that, we need to teach our learners how to break words into syllables.

So, why do we teach students to break words down?

  1. Syllables help readers speed up the decoding process.
  2. Readers are able to sound out words faster and more efficiently.
  3. Syllables help readers understand how words are spelled.

It’s a given that syllables have a big job! And, they are fun to use because we can clap, snap, stomp our feet when we break words down!

Super Syllables

Literacy centers are found in my classroom all year round. You’ll find syllable activities in my literacy stations throughout the entire year. I recently created Super Syllables for kindergarten classrooms. It’s full of literacy activities that practice syllable skills.

You can use these activities in whole group, small group and put them in literacy activities. You’ll find:

  1. Sorting words by syllables for whole group
  2. A fun syllable chant for whole group
  3. Guess the syllable number for literacy centers
  4. Clip the syllable cards for literacy centers

You can find “I Can” statements and printables for all the literacy center activities to see how your learners are doing!

Grab Your Freebie!

To give you a sneak peek of what is included in this new resource, I’m giving you, our reader, the syllable sort printable!

All you need is glue, scissors and colors! This is a great resource to use for independent work or small group instruction.

To grab this free resource, just click on the download button below!

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