Kindness Picture Books You Need in your Classroom

The amount of information we pour into our children is so important! As parents and educators, it’s our job to guide our little ones in so many ways. Not only do we need to teach them academically, we also need to take them kindness and empathy to others. This is a list of my favorite […]

Acts of Kindness

Whether you’re parenting little ones or have a class full of little ones, days are full of ups and downs. You want them to be on track with letter recognition and counting. But you want them to know how to interact with others respectfully. In my honest opinion, teaching kindness and respect is so important […]

Acts of Kindness for Little Learners

Kindness…how often and how well do we show kindness to others?  Sharing this fruit of the spirit with our little ones will help them to care for others. Also, sharing instills in our little learners empathy and putting the needs of other before their own.  How do you teach acts of kindness to your little […]