STEAM Halloween Art

Halloween makes for a crazy week of school.  Making learning fun (or just tossing out candy) is probably the only option for success. That is why I created a week of STEAM Halloween learning activities.  The perfect science, technology, engineering, art, and math are perfect for a sugar-filled week of learning. What is STEAM? STEAM […]

Mouse Counting Math Activity

Creating a math block that involves guided math means making the most out of mini-lessons.  Incorporating read-alouds into math instruction is the perfect solution.  This mouse counting math activity is an engaging and fun mini-lesson for little learners. Mouse Count The mouse books by Ellen Stoll Walsh are great to use in early childhood classrooms. […]

Dinosaur Roar Opposites

If you have little boys in your classroom there is bound to be talk of superheroes, sports and dinosaurs.  It is great to find books that center around a theme or topic your learners are interested in.  After all, teaching literacy concepts with engaging texts will help to hold your learners attention.  Now, let’s talk […]