Are You Making the Most of Circle Time?

Circle time, morning meeting, calendar, morning message, carpet time, whatever you choose to call it in your classroom or home…it is one of the most important times of the day for learning with your little ones.  Are you making the most of it? If your learners are sitting on the carpet for 30 minutes…probably not.  Or, […]

Boom Cards Freebie

Have you heard about Boom Cards? It’s the new craze in the teacher world and it’s really cool! You find more and more technology in classrooms these days, and teachers are always on the hunt for interactive activities. I recently jumped on the book cards bandwagon and I’m offering you my first freebie! A Simple […]

Christmas Alphabet Sentence

Gift giving is the best part of the holiday season. Don’t you agree? In our house, we make an attempt to talk about how important giving is rather than receiving. We make a lot of our gifts to give, and it’s such a joy to see the creations the kids make. But of course, we […]

Tripod Pencil Grip Handwriting Practice

Teaching little ones to write isn’t as easy as giving them a pencil and saying, “Okay, write your name.”  There are steps to prepare your learners to get to the writing stage.  And each stage is critical to your writers’ success.  This tool is perfect for a pencil grip handwriting practice with young writers. Learning to […]

The Importance of a Morning Meeting

The amount of work that goes into starting a new school year is quite hectic.  There are parts of a teachers’ schedule that is an absolute must.  You have to have the right number of minutes for each subject, recess time, and of course, lunchtime.  How do you start your day with your kids, though? […]

Letter Aa Flipbook FREEBIE!

Little Miss is about to enter the Four Year Old Class at her school.  Where has the time gone?  This summer is the perfect time to get a head start on some of the things she will be learning this next year.  So, I pulled out my Alphabet Flipbooks!   Multiple Skills What makes this flipbook […]