Fourth of July Activities for Kids

Fourth of July is right around the corner! I love all the activities we bring out to lead up to our country’s Independence Day! I’ve got some amazing activities for you that takes little to no prep! Find a Great Book! I’ve got a list of my favorite books all about America! I like to […]

All About America Activities

You know what I love about units on America? You can teach them any time of the school year. Many teachers choose to teach this unit around President’s Day, and my All About America unit and lapbook are perfect to use. President’s Day Activities I love this unit for many reasons. My students are at […]

Mock Election Made Fun for Kids

It’ an election year! I’m sure your students hear talk from their own parents about who they will vote for and why. Obviously, talking details about an election to kindergartners is not appropriate, but you can still celebrate our democracy and have fun with mock election activities. Introduce the Vocabulary There are a lot of […]

20 America Books for Little Learners

Exploring the America unit is such a fun one – it’s one of my favorite units. There are so many fun ways to explore this unit with little learners. And watch them learn all kinds of new things about America and our presidents. It’s amazing to watch as they read different America books with this […]

All About America for Little Learners

America. American symbols, history, Presidents, customs and holidays are a lot of information to teach little learners.  However, how do you teach all of the information required without overwhelming your little ones?  Well, worry no more.  This lapbook is a great resource for during and after instruction. It helps you reteach and review information about […]

USA Books for Little Learners

A library full of books about America can help little learners understand how great our country is.  There are so many great books and resources for children to use when learning about America.  Exposing them to our history, symbols, presidents, customs will help to create a foundation for citizenship. Books About America Here are 12 books to add […]