Controlling the Voice Level

Summer has ended. The first few weeks are gone, and students are adjusting to the new normal. And if you’ve been in the classroom long, you know what that means. The voice level goes from almost non-existent to overload in a quick few days! You know that the beginning of school is all about setting […]


Back to school is such an exciting time for teachers. However, the to-do list is rather lengthy, and it can be hard to get everything done. To be honest, there have been a few years where I focus on planning my routines, organization and schedules and realize I don’t have the first week planned. That’s […]

Take Care of our Masks in the Classroom

Students are slowing returning to school from a very long break. Things are a little different this school year. They are bringing their backpacks and lunchboxes, but they will also have a face mask in tow. For young learners, wearing a mask in school is can be a challenge. However, if you add mask care […]

School Supplies: How to Cut with Scissors

Handing little learners a pair of scissors for the first time in a classroom can make teachers a little uneasy.  Spend time focusing on how to cut with scissors, as well as, seeing what tool learners are ready to use is important. What Scissors to Use? There are many levels of development a child needs […]

School Supplies: How We Use Our Crayons

When parents drop off school supplies on Meet the Teacher night, crayons are tucked away nicely in student desks.  Or, they are placed in colorful tubs on the tables to share as community supplies. However, do learners know how to use them correctly? Teaching Procedures Teachers spend the first few weeks of school teaching nothing but […]

School Supplies: How We Use Our Glue Bottles

Spending the first week of school teaching classroom expectations and procedures is essential for a successful year. ¬†Glue is a tricky school supply for many little learners and there definitely needs to be instruction dedicated to teaching learners how to use this tool. Glue Bottles When learners are not taught how to use their glue […]