The Story of Samuel

It’s another week of teaching bible class to these precious three year olds!  They sure loved this lesson of Samuel and the fun activities that went with it.  ARRIVAL Just like every week, the first 10-15 minutes of class the children come in and play with toys that are laid out on the table. It is […]

How to Teach Jesus Resurrection

During spring and the Easter holiday, Bible teachers typically introduce or review Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection in Bible class.  While this lesson speaks to my heart and helps me to understand all that Jesus has done for us, I sometimes struggle with teaching this topic to children.  Using this Jesus Resurrection craft along with […]

A Lesson on Love

February is a great time to teach Bible lessons on love.  Well, anytime of year is a perfect time to teach your little ones about love and the importance of showing love towards others. But we tend to focus most of our bible lessons on love during the month of February to keep our thematic […]