20 Insect Books for Little Learners

This insect unit is so much fun to teach our little learners! There are so many fun ways to explore this unit and watch little minds be amazed as they learn about ladybugs, honeybees, spiders, and all the other insects around us everyday. It is amazing to watch them as they read through books related […]

Spider Science Activities for Little Learners

Creepy crawly critters are definitely NOT my favorite creatures, but spider science has always been fun to teach.  It’s easy to see why! Why Spiders? Spiders are a great way to teach a variety of science skills.  From the basic needs of living things to life cycle and anatomy.  Spiders are designed specifically for their […]

Counting Ants Math Game

Do your kiddos like bugs?  Right now my daughter is not a fan of ants.  Every time a storm hits our house, those little critters always find a safe home in my kids’ bathroom.  Always.  Let me tell you, it is no fun having to kill ants while the kids brush their teeth.  And while my […]

Butterfly Life Cycle for Little Learners

The best way to teach little learners about life cycle is to experience first hand.  Experience the butterfly life cycle with your learners by watching caterpillars grow, form into a chrysalis and turn into butterflies. The cold weather has passed, which means the little critters are out and about. What a perfect time to get […]

Butterfly Life Cycle: Part Four

This is the fourth and final post for my Metamorphosis for Little Learners series.  Grayson had a great experience watching his butterflies grow and change. He was so excited when the first butterfly emerged. We checked our butterfly garden continuously throughout the next couple of days until they were all butterflies. He helped give the […]

Butterfly Life Cycle: Part Three

Ki-sis. Yep, that’s what our caterpillars changed into…a ki-sis!  Haha! Grayson was so excited, and a tad bit confused, to see his caterpillars change into chrysalises or chrysalides. It’s not easy explaining what a chrysalises is to a three year old, but I did it.  It doesn’t hurt to use those big scientific words even […]