Are You Making the Most of Circle Time?

Circle time, morning meeting, calendar, morning message, carpet time, whatever you choose to call it in your classroom or home…it is one of the most important times of the day for learning with your little ones.  Are you making the most of it? If your learners are sitting on the carpet for 30 minutes…probably not.  Or, […]

The Importance of a Morning Meeting

The amount of work that goes into starting a new school year is quite hectic.  There are parts of a teachers’ schedule that is an absolute must.  You have to have the right number of minutes for each subject, recess time, and of course, lunchtime.  How do you start your day with your kids, though? […]

Why Shared Reading Is Good For Your Students

If you’re familiar with Shared Reading, you know that it differs from guided reading. I opened my reading block with shared reading on a daily basis.  Why?  There are so many benefits to shared reading that you might not be aware of!  It’s a great activity to do during your circle time! Why Shared Reading? […]

Preschool Curriculum

Whether you are doing a homeschool preschool program or are a teacher in a preschool, having a plan is essential.  Every year, I begin with an outline for what I plan to teach throughout the school year. I created this resourceful, editable preschool curriculum to keep organized and easily change what I teach from year […]

Creating a Class Schedule to Promote Balanced Literacy

Balanced literacy has been around for a while and was a method of instruction I was drawn to most in college.  I am a huge fan of providing my learners with a variety of opportunities to learn, practice concepts and skills. Balanced literacy does just that. The Gradual Release Model The “I do, We do, You do” approach […]

Calendar Time with Little Learners

Are you implementing calendar time in your class? Tt is beneficial to create a routine and expectations for calendar time.  So what is your calendar made of…intentional instruction or monotonous routines? We started our calendar time and learning tubs this week, mainly because the weather has just been so HOT here in Texas and we […]