Real-Life Shape Posters

It’s that time of year where you’re getting your classroom ready for a new school year! You fill the walls with posters, label everything in sight, and organize your supplies. Something you might consider is adding posters like these real-life shape posters to your decor! Why Use Real Life Images? Sure, we can slap a […]

Classroom Decor that Works!

There are so many goodies you can find that are adorable and perfect to make your classroom look amazing.  But, being a Type-A teacher myself, I want cute AND functional.  Finding classroom decor that is bright, clear and serves a purpose is how I keep my classroom organized. Bright and Clear I am not one […]

Homeschool Classroom Decorations…DIY Banner

Our playroom/homeschool classroom has been slowly coming together over the past year. Finally I had the chance to really started decorating this summer.  I am in LOVE with our homeschool classroom decorations above our couch. Of course, I had to share! The Things You Can Create… This is the only wall in our playroom that doesn’t […]