I was one of those teachers who said they would never team teach. There is no way a teacher could build a relationship with two classes, I thought. Boy I was wrong! When I returned to the classroom, my principal told me I would be team teaching. I was a little nervous, but with that […]


The classroom has changed so much in the last decade or so. Teachers have moved from whole group teaching to small group instruction for most part of their day. Smartboards replace the outdated chalkboard. Handheld devices replace the notebooks and textbooks. We are going through some of the biggest changes in the classroom than ever […]

Benefits of Fidget Toys in the Classroom

Fidget toys–what is your first thought when you hear those words?  Fidget toys made an entrance into classrooms in recent years, and there are definitely mixed teacher feelings about them.  However, there are huge benefits of fidget toys in the classroom.  And if you introduce them correctly, they will work for you too! What is […]

The Best Way to Have Consistent Literacy Centers

Classroom teachers have a ton of daily tasks to guarantee that students are engaged and learning. It’s a tough job, and a stressful one, too. Teachers wear out easily if their classrooms aren’t well managed. Creating a classroom that runs itself while you teach in smaller groups is the best way to keep students engaged. […]

How to Use Class Dojo in Your Classroom

When I took this second grade position, I had many things on my to-do list. However, the first item on my list was classroom management ideas. Any teacher would agree that the most important skill in running a class is classroom management. There are so many strategies, but my go-to is Class Dojo! The Benefits […]

How to Create an Effective Writing Space for Learners

I can’t wait to dig into Writer’s Workshop with my second graders. My writing space was first on my list of things to plan when I got my classroom. I know writing can be a scary thing to teach little ones. However, if you run a successful Writer’s Workshop, your kids will love writing. Add […]