Student Independence with Flexible Seating

Can you agree with me when I say how different classrooms look these days? Classrooms are structured so differently! Boy, they sure have changed since I was in school! Flexible seating is one of many management systems that have made an appearance in many classrooms. These days, it’s hard for children to sit still for […]

Controlling the Voice Level

Summer has ended. The first few weeks are gone, and students are adjusting to the new normal. And if you’ve been in the classroom long, you know what that means. The voice level goes from almost non-existent to overload in a quick few days! You know that the beginning of school is all about setting […]

Math Center Organization

Math centers are a big part of today’s classrooms. The days of whole group instruction are gone. Small groups, partner work and centers are here to stay. You might have some great math centers, but how is your math center organization? Have you considered how easy your centers would run if they were more organized? […]