13 Color Mixing Activities Little Ones Will Love

We always begin teaching little ones the colors of the rainbow at an early age. Colors are everywhere, so it makes it quite easy to teach them. The next step is going beyond naming colors, but to find out how colors are created. I came across these great color mixing activities for little learners. They […]

School Supplies: How We Use Our Crayons

When parents drop off school supplies on Meet the Teacher night, crayons are tucked away nicely in student desks.  Or, they are placed in colorful tubs on the tables to share as community supplies. However, do learners know how to use them correctly? Teaching Procedures Teachers spend the first few weeks of school teaching nothing but […]

Real Life Color Posters

Getting your classroom ready for students is such an exciting time! You want to make everything perfect. An inviting classroom creates a room full of happy and engaged students! Real life pictures around the room helps your students make connections when learning basic concepts. These real life color posters are a great addition to your […]

Jelly Bean Science Experiment

My son has a huge taste for jelly beans.  While the texture is something I can’t stand, he could play BeanBoozled for hours.  No, thank you!  However, using this jelly beans science exploration activity was a win for both of us.  Especially, when there is a surplus after the Easter holiday. Use What You Have […]

Color Hunt Around the Room

Teaching colors to preschoolers seems like an easy enough task, but so much of it is based on memory.  Using color words in everyday conversation is such a simple way to help learners become familiar with their color words.  Including fun activities, like this color hunt, in the classroom or at home is a fun […]