Halloween Math Game

Counting, number identification, ordering numbers, addition to 12, comparing groups by more or less.  We can explore ALL of these math skills together by using one adorable Halloween math game. Number Order It takes no time in prepping for this game.  Just print, cut and laminate! First, we put the numbers from 1-12 in the correct order […]

Literature and Math using Counting

We had a wonderful time camping this past weekend. Twelve children and eight adults made for a crowded, but exciting trip.  We were all sitting around the campfire the first night.  The sun had set and darkness crept in.  All of a sudden, we saw twinkling lights throughout the trees.  Yep, fireflies.  If you haven’t […]

Counting Ants Math Game

Do your kiddos like bugs?  Right now my daughter is not a fan of ants.  Every time a storm hits our house, those little critters always find a safe home in my kids’ bathroom.  Always.  Let me tell you, it is no fun having to kill ants while the kids brush their teeth.  And while my […]

Counting Goats Number Activity

My first year of teaching was quite a blur. Who in the world remembers their first year of teaching!?! I do, however, remember that I was given a lot of advice. I mean, A. LOT! The amount of advice that was given to me made me want to crawl under my desk and pray that […]

Mouse Counting Math Activity

Creating a math block that involves guided math means making the most out of mini-lessons.  Incorporating read-alouds into math instruction is the perfect solution.  This mouse counting math activity is an engaging and fun mini-lesson for little learners. Mouse Count The mouse books by Ellen Stoll Walsh are great to use in early childhood classrooms. […]