Zoom Meeting Rules for Successful Learning

The education system has been through a whirlwind of changes these last several months. Because of this, teachers are working harder than ever before. Some are back in the classroom, but others are teaching remotely. And we never know when a school will head back to fully remote learning. For those who are teaching using […]

Boom Cards Freebie

Have you heard about Boom Cards? It’s the new craze in the teacher world and it’s really cool! You find more and more technology in classrooms these days, and teachers are always on the hunt for interactive activities. I recently jumped on the book cards bandwagon and I’m offering you my first freebie! A Simple […]

Digital Activities in the Classroom

The digital age has exploded in the classroom! Every room you walk into has laptops and hand held devices. Students are recording themselves and creating videos to show what they know. It’s a fantastic way of learning, and we need to take advantage of it! Digital learning is now the new learning in every classroom. […]