Alphabet Pick-Up Literacy Center for Little Learners

Earth Day is right around the corner.  I really do love this day.  It’s a time where we show our learners how important Earth is. We also learn how we can keep it beautiful. There are tons of activities out there for Earth Day, but I wanted to find an activity for my young learners. […]

20 Earth Books

Teaching our little learners all about the Earth is such a fun and important unit – I mean, we do live here after all! There are so many fun ways to explore this Earth unit. You’ll get to watch little minds be amazed as they learn all about the Earth they live on. It’s SO FUN […]

Butterfly Life Cycle: Part Three

Ki-sis. Yep, that’s what our caterpillars changed into…a ki-sis!  Haha! Grayson was so excited, and a tad bit confused, to see his caterpillars change into chrysalises or chrysalides. It’s not easy explaining what a chrysalises is to a three year old, but I did it.  It doesn’t hurt to use those big scientific words even […]