Ah! Spring time is fast approaching. I can’t wait to see the beautiful flowers bloom and the birds chirping outside. We’ve covered so many winter thematic units these last few months, it’s a good break to something new. As we see flowers bloom, this is a perfect time to review and learn more about the […]

Making Words

With a house full of children, we see a wide range of questions. At this point, we have a reader, a beginner reader and a non-reader. I hear a lot of questions like “how do you say this word?” and “Is this even a real word?”. The most popular question is “Mom, how do you […]


I’ll admit it. When it comes to teaching fractions, I cringe a little.  There is no doubt that this is a very difficult concept for many young learners.  The idea of breaking something into equal parts and creating a new number is something very hard to grasp. In order to meet all learning styles, you […]

No Prep Write the Room Activity

I love giving my students the opportunity to get out of their seats while learning. Write the Room activities are a perfect way to do just that while keeping your students engaged in learning. Write the Room activities can be for any grade level! I’ve used this activity in kindergarten and first grade. My second […]

Setting Reading Expectations in the Classroom

As a literacy teacher, teaching my students the importance of reading is my entire day. My students make huge transitions in reading during their second grade year. They move from learning to read and begin reading to learn. It’s so important to set reading expectations. As a result, you’ll see huge improvements! Find out how […]

Snowmen Literacy Activities for Your Winter Unit

January is a favorite month of mine as a teacher. Living in Texas, I live vicariously through the winter themed books I read to my students. Because if you know anything about Texas, we very rarely see snow! I have some great snowmen literacy activities that you can use in your winter unit and are […]