I’ll admit it. When it comes to teaching fractions, I cringe a little.  There is no doubt that this is a very difficult concept for many young learners.  The idea of breaking something into equal parts and creating a new number is something very hard to grasp. In order to meet all learning styles, you […]

Spiral Review with Math Centers

Math centers are the perfect way for your learners to practice math skills they are learning. Planning a spiral review with math centers throughout the school year will help your learners master these skills. Spiral Review Learning new skills can be fun and challenging at the same time. Remembering math skills that were taught days, […]

5 Strategies for Kindergarten Math

Are you happy with the kindergarten math instruction you are providing your learners? Do you think there is room from improvement? Or does planning math with the curriculum you have (or lack thereof) stress you out? Having learners come to the classroom at different levels of exposure and instruction is a challenge for most early […]

Making Five Math Game

Preschool math is a building block to skills learners are expected to perform in elementary school.  Counting, one-to-one correspondence, and number sense are necessities in early childhood classrooms.  Teachers can help learners explore number sense by using hands-on materials and engaging math games.  This making five math game is perfect for a fun number sense […]

Free Halloween Math Number Mats

I can’t have enough number mats in my math cabinet.  Numbers mats are simple for learners to use, perfect for thematic units and review number sense in one page.  These free Halloween math mats are perfect for some spooky learning. What are number mats? Number mats are a resource that I have on hand for […]

Counting Goats Number Activity

My first year of teaching was quite a blur. Who in the world remembers their first year of teaching!?! I do, however, remember that I was given a lot of advice. I mean, A. LOT! The amount of advice that was given to me made me want to crawl under my desk and pray that […]