Christmas STEM for Little Learners

How does Santa get presents to boys and girls around the world in one night?  With a little magic and engineering, of course!  We helped Santa pack up some presents by engineering a Santa Chute for a Christmas STEM activity. Creating the Chute First, we grabbed some ping-pong balls from the dollar store and created […]

Exploring Weight with Little Learners

Learning doesn’t always need a specific set of instructions.  Sometimes all you need is to provide your learners with materials and allow them to create their own learning experiences.  That is exactly what happened when my little ones explored weight together while playing with a balance scale. When the kiddos were playing in the kitchen, […]

Zoo Small World Play

Providing children with an imaginative play doesn’t have to be a challenge or time consuming. Involving children in the creation builds more learning opportunities and makes the play afterwards more meaningful. Grayson and I worked together to create a zoo small world.  He loved playing with the garbage truck small world earlier this month. So, when I told […]

Garbage Truck Small World Play

Little man LOVES garbage trucks and he has since he was 2 years old.  So, when it comes to creating engaging learning experiences for him at home…involving a garbage truck is the way to go. As we hibernate this summer to avoid the over 100 degree Texas heat, I set up this Garbage Truck Small World […]