Road Trip Busy Bags

Busy bags are a great way to give your little ones something to do while on the road, in the classroom, during rest time, at church…the list honestly goes on and on.  Better yet, there are so many busy bags that will keep them engaged and learning at the same time. Travel with Kids Since […]

Fine Motor Addition Math Game

Addition practice, fine motor skills, and mini erasers…is there anything better?  Well, there probably is, but this simple math game is perfect for a quick activity or busy box for your little learners. Chances are if you have children or are a teacher, you have a rather large stash of mini-erasers in your possession (thanks Target)! […]

Learn to Read -Word Patterns Activity

First come the letters, next come the sounds, then it’s time for some word patterns.  When kiddos learn to read it helps for them to have a basic knowledge of their letters and sounds. That’s when you introduce word patterns they can easily “sound out” these words. Whether you teach the whole alphabet or a […]

Alphabet Resources for Little Learners

There are so many alphabet resources for little ones who are learning their alphabet. However, it can be hard to find the perfect resource.  Here are my TOP 12 Alphabet Resource Must-Haves for little learners. These are great to have around the house for extra practice.  Maybe you’re looking for a gift besides a toy!  Also, […]

Write the Room Reading Game

When you teach little ones, you are bound to have a few kinesthetic learners, or children that learn best through being active.  A write the room reading game is a great way to engage your kinesthetic and visual learners.  They move around the room in search of words, which is what they need! Write the Room […]