Interactive lapbooks are one of my favorite activities to do during my science block! They are a great supplement to your thematic units, and your students will have a blast putting them together all while learning! My interactive plant lapbook is by far a favorite during our spring units! Entire Unit in One Place After […]


Ah! Spring time is fast approaching. I can’t wait to see the beautiful flowers bloom and the birds chirping outside. We’ve covered so many winter thematic units these last few months, it’s a good break to something new. As we see flowers bloom, this is a perfect time to review and learn more about the […]

Butterfly Life Cycle for Little Learners

The best way to teach little learners about life cycle is to experience first hand.  Experience the butterfly life cycle with your learners by watching caterpillars grow, form into a chrysalis and turn into butterflies. The cold weather has passed, which means the little critters are out and about. What a perfect time to get […]

Butterfly Life Cycle: Part Four

This is the fourth and final post for my Metamorphosis for Little Learners series.  Grayson had a great experience watching his butterflies grow and change. He was so excited when the first butterfly emerged. We checked our butterfly garden continuously throughout the next couple of days until they were all butterflies. He helped give the […]

Butterfly Life Cycle: Part Two

We are continuing our study on life cycles at home!  Recently, we had a butterfly kit delivered to our home. We had so much fun exploring the life of a caterpillar. Grayson has enjoyed watching our caterpillars grow (and Daddy has, too).  They have gotten big so quickly, and will be turning into chrysalises soon. Last […]