Number Sense Made Easy for Early Learners

Number sense is a huge part of early math curriculum. It’s how learners truly understand numbers and how we use them in every day life. We always start off with number sense up to ten activities, but as they grow, we move them up to number sense up to twenty activities. Plan a Math Block […]

Making Five Math Game

Preschool math is a building block to skills learners are expected to perform in elementary school.  Counting, one-to-one correspondence, and number sense are necessities in early childhood classrooms.  Teachers can help learners explore number sense by using hands-on materials and engaging math games.  This making five math game is perfect for a fun number sense […]

Gingerbread Math Mats for Little Learners

Creating opportunities for your learners to explore numbers is so important.  The majority of learners are most successful when they are able to manipulate objects when being taught a new math skill.  These gingerbread mats are the perfect way to help your learners compose the number five. Composing Numbers Composing numbers up to 5 is […]

Numbers to 20 Printables

I don’t use worksheets a lot, but there are times when a worksheet is perfect for a skill or the way a child learns.  When it comes to math we do a lot of a hands-on learning activities and games.  But, my son loves completing these numbers to 20 printables. When I need to clean […]