Santa Contraction Match

The crazy excitement your students show during the holiday season can make teaching rather difficult! You and your students are anticipating a much needed long holiday break. Sometimes you feel that it’s not worth teaching the curriculum during this time. But, including curriculum-based, holiday themed activities will solve your problem and continue with learning with […]

Shadow Matching Activity

There is never a bad time for a good matching activity! I personally love pulling out simple, but effective matching activities for my little ones for some independent learning. However, most matching games are all the same. Your learner matches two identical pictures together. So, I decided to create something a little different, and the […]

Healthy Behaviors Matching Game

Healthy behaviors are so important to teach at an early age. Children learn really quick when things don’t feel right. However, they might not understand what causes them to feel bad. Parents teach their kids healthy habits to avoid getting sick. But do we teach them what happens when they do get sick or hurt? […]