Positional Words in Your Math Classroom

Create a Math Block I can’t say this enough. An effective math block will help you tremendously! It creates routine and structure that you need to make sure everyone is on task. This is what I include in my math block: Engaging Mini Lessons Math centers Independent practice visuals throughout the classroom   Engaging Mini […]

Math Pattern Activities

I know many ask the question “is it important to teach patterns in the classroom?”. It may seem like a unit that is too easy for most kids, but there are so many benefits. Math pattern activities are a must in every preschool and kindergarten class. It not only creates order in a chaotic situation, […]

Number Sense to Ten

Number sense is the first step in understanding all things math. It’s where we dive into what a number really means, and as a result, helps learners better understand harder math concepts later on. To not overwhelm young learners, I like to start with number sense to ten. Plan a Math Block This unit of […]

Sorting Activities for Little Learners

Sorting by attributes is a big fundamental skills taught in every early childhood classroom. Classifying and sorting is  a unit that starts off math instruction for the school year. However, things like classroom management, getting to know your learners and other back to school craziness can take priority during the beginning of the school year. […]

Composing Numbers

I don’t know about you, but Kindergarten is getting more and more advanced as the years go on. Years ago, it was the teacher’s goal just to teach the basics: letters, numbers and shapes. Now, we are teaching financial literacy, story plot and decomposing and composing numbers. These number mats are some of my favorite […]